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Question about medical fraud?

I get complaints all the time from residents in the nursing home about a particular physician. They state she does not come to see them, merely waves at them at their door and says, "Hi, how are you?" But they state she never puts a stethescope to them or does anything more than wave at […]


What to do about benefits, DHS, child support problem?

*Before I ask this question I’d like to state that I am aware of the legal implications of the mistake(s) I made and have already berated myself a great deal over it, and also need advice from someone who is knowledgeable in this area if possible. At least someone who isn’t going to generalize and […]


Why are people so angry about the Health Care Reform Bill?

Lately there has been a lot of violence occurring surrounding the new Health Care Law that has been passed. I was shocked and confused about the way people were reacting. Being angry about something is one thing, but being violent is a completely different story. We actually researched the bill in my political class, and […]


Fraud opportunities in Obamacare ?

Veterans Health Care is devoid of fraud because V.A. Doctors are non-profit salaried employees of Veterans Administration Hospitals who get paid the same amount whether they perform 1 surgery a month or 150 surgeries a month. On the other hand, Medicaid is government health care which is rampant with fraud partly because the Doctors are […]


Since Govt Ran Insurance has 20% Fraud Private Insurance has 1% of Fraud?

If govt controls more of the Insurance in America- what will the Govt ran Insurance Fraud go up to? 40%? 50%? 60%? If the Private Insurance gave govt all their profits for ONE YEAR- it would pay for all of our insurance in America for only TWO DAYS! Why is govt attacking Private Insurance when […]


Is this not the saner alternative to the Democrat healthcare reform?

-Increase the Medicaid threshold to insure the uninsurable with pre-existing conditions and the lower middle class who are currently not eligible for Medicaid but unable to afford private insurance. -Tax credits to lower and middle income households to purchase private health insurance plans. -Regulatory reform to reduce instances of denial of coverage due to pre-existing […]


why is it that Medicare fraud is much higher than private insurance? What can be done to stop Medicare Fraud?

why is it that Medicare fraud is so much higher than private insurance? ANd what can be done to stop this Medicare fraud?


Is it OK to fraud private insurance and Toyota as long as it's not govt. then?

So Is it? That is what drives up the cost to everyone, whether taxes or private insurance, someone has to pay for it, right? I wasn’t implying she find ‘another’ job as I don’t know if she was ever employed by anyone, just stating the obvious.

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