marriage fraud .. how to get her to jail maybe?

my friend was overseas and met a woman he was just sort of having a "casual" relationship with, if you know what I mean.. anyway she was a pain in the butt and he ended it soon.. then she says she is pregnant! he tried to do the right thing and he married her, of […]


Australian Internet dating sites & Nigerian email scams for flights home?

I have come across two very attractive profiles of ladies apparently from Australia wanting assistance to arrive home from Nigeria. Are they all scams & how can you tell ? Ever heard of Linda Lopez or Vanessa Johnson ?


How can I convince her we didn’t do it?

My fiance and his ex have a daughter together. My fiance has been cut out of her life since birth and we are currently going through a custody battle to get him his parental rights to establish a relationship with his daughter. His ex is being horrible about it and treating him like crap. He […]

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