I am having Legal problems with my boyfriend sister and her family.?

"I am having problems with my boyfriends Family. The sister wants me out of my boyfriends house which he told me to stay there even after the Judge issued a Protective order against him. I can’t see my boyfriend because the court issued a protective order we can’t have no contact at all. The Sister […]


6 charges credit fraud. 4 felonys, 2 misdeomn.?

my ex and i were living together from sep to jan. he put his hands on my many times. on november he got charged with kidnappping me, and assult and battery. january i got tired of him and kicked him out. theres alot police reports of everything he did to me. on february we were […]


Is a lawyer subject to sanctions for filing for a Protective Order knowing it has no merit?

Hello, A lawyer and his client tried to get a protective order against my mother and I, knowing it had no merit whatsoever. Additionally, he tried to get us served the day before the initial hearing date that was in a court 1,500 miles away, knowing that we would have no chance to either travel […]

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