You know how you can be arrested for impersonating a doctor?

They mean medical doctor (physician), right? like you won’t go to prison for impersonating someone with a ph.d., correct? like if I were to impersonate a psychologist……that’s not a physician. I can tell people I have a ph.d. in psychology. right? (maybe not technically legal under the grounds of fraud…..but it’s not quite the same […]


I need Legal advice.I have been accused of welfare fraud because of college loans.?

My disablity benefits worker found out I am working on my master’s degree. I get about ,000 per year for COLLEGE. I get a small portion back in excess funds. Now they are investigating the issue and I was told that the ,000 a year is over the qualfied amount for all benefits. I am […]


The Dr. Phil shoe is a FRAUD?

I appeared twice on the Dr. Phil show. Once in Jan, and once in Feb all of this year. It was for "rage" issues. I’m a bitch basically. they exploited me! They twist things you say, they script a lot of what you are to say on the show for the shock factor. Dr. Phil […]

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