How to report someone for lawsuit fraud/scam?

A close family "friend" is suing an elevator company and property management company for a building that she CLAIMS to have fallen in the elevator. I KNOW this is a lie and so does everyone else in her "inner circle". She has had back problems for over a decade and KEEPS suing people by using […]


Re: Mayor Levy who resigned supposedly due to fraudulently receiving benefits of some sort from the military-?

for which he was not eligible. Now, tell me how the military-who has more paperwork than God-failed to discover such a terrible offense-being as they have his social security # and that someone in an official position approves the pension plans and medical and that it supposedly has something to do with a man who […]


Inheritance fraud?

Since a death, nearly a year ago, the executor (who also has power of attorney) has not shown a copy of the Will, has not filed the death with the county, sold the house for a seemingly very low price, and becomes very angry when questioned for any details. He has also not given any […]

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