do you think it is a coincidence that they put in the first african american president only to have him…?

bomb africa? (imperialism with a friendly face) when he put rahm emmanuel in his cabinet that was all I needed for me to know that obama is a total zionist fraud & puppet


What would be so wrong about holding the banks accountable and creating more consumer protections?

Last Friday, all 41 Republicans in the Senate announced that they would stand with the big banks to oppose Wall Street reform legislation. To me, that’s a smack in the face of every American who has been affected by all the fraud perpetrated on us. When you stand with special interests and then threaten to […]


Liberals, what convinced you that the corrupt infrastructure that Bush left his wake had been dismantled?

when you were whining about corporate interests running the whitehouse for the last 8 years…election fraud in 2000 (Florida)…election fraud in 2004 (Ohio)…"the media is lying to us about WMDs", "Bush is a puppet"

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