Are the Mayweather kids' testimony that Fraud Jr. hit Josie Harris is not enough proof?

Fuchsia Girl says so. What do Flomos want? Actual videotape of the event? Who’s more credible here, Fraud Jr. or his children? Testimony from a credible witness is evidence. @Fuchsia Girl Yeah it doesn’t matter who’s credible because for all you Flomos, Fraud Jr. is always innocent. He’s just a victim of racial profiling and […]


Obama has done (and still is doing) social security fraud!?

This is "What Obama doesn’t want you to see" it’s pretty long, running 9:50, yet very informing – i you get tired of watching it, fast forward to the end – it mentions Obama doing social security fraud. Here’s an important one about Robert Gibbs, who is the White House Press Secretary. He’s the […]

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