Could someone please read and review my GCSE English exam work please?

I’m just a little worried that it wouldn’t be considered a story but instead more like a monologue. If anyone could give me any tips to improve it, it would be very much appreciated. __________________________________________________________ I have always tried my best to fit in. I prided myself on my ability to adapt. I could be […]


Could someone please read this passage and Review?

I’m writing a short story for my English GCSE and I just wanted some peoples opinions. If anyone could give my some ideas on how to improve that’d be great!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inhale “Deep breaths, deep bre-…” Thanks Dr Phil, I scold myself, but I think I can manage without the running commentary. I open my […]


can i sue a lawyer i believe was involved in conspiracy to do fraud against me?

a group of individuals sued me. i have a strong belief (and facts to back it) that the group conspired to commit fraud, perjured themselves in arbitration, and got a favorable ruling. do i have a case to first sue them in civil court for conspiracy to commit fraud, perjury (which is easily proved). secondly, […]

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