bill sent to collections without contacting co-signer, by phone or mail is this legal? ?

I co-signed for my daughters apartment June 1 of 2007 her lease was up on May 31st 2008, I get a call today (1-7-09) from a collection agency telling me I owe this money for the painting of the apartment less the deposit I paid down on the apartment, which I have no problem paying […]


I've been convicted of bank fraud and my life is over. Need advice on how to cope and continue.?

I worked for a real estate company when i was 20 years old, with very little experience. I left the company after 3 months and went back to school. I found my first love and maintained a 3.9 gpa being on the deans list. A year after i left the company, federal marshalls came to […]


Do I really need a lawyer to get rid of a squatter in California?

in 2005 my parents bought a house in Palmdale, CA.; Assuming that since the real estate company we went to was owned by a cousin of ours and since my sister was working with the company at the time, I have little knowledge of the transaction that was made to buy the house. From what […]

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