custody order based in criminal fraud?

Need help with analysis of a custody order, which was the result of family abduction (by paternal grandparents). Parents attempted to move with children, to put a stop to ongoing manipulation, harrassment, false reports to cps, and abuse towards the parents. Grandmother tricked son into filing for divorce, then snatched grandchildren when parents chose to […]


defining fraud, intrinsic or extrinsic?

Wanting commentary on fraud, please, and how it relates to custody agreements. I understand that fraud is one issue that can invalidate any agreement. I also know that most fraud has statute of limitations. Assume that a criminal act DID happen (kidnapping), and because of intimidation or other abusive pressures, the facts were withheld from […]


Fraud in custody “agreement”?

Without legal advice of any kind, and with coercion, parents signed a "voluntary" relinquishment of custody to the grandparents. This was following several false reports to cps, one attempted family abduction, pressuring the father to file a fraudulent divorce petition, and finally running with the kids. Grandparents then file for "emergency" custody.. concealing other prior […]

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