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How does a person (anonamously )report someone they know whos commiting identity theft?

someone I know has recently hooked a phone up with what criminals call a "profile". the telephone bill i have found out is sky high..and I want to report it to the police but I am frightened of the repercussions if I am found out to be the one who "ratted"


Does damage already paid through an insurance claim need to be completed if home is going to foreclosure?

My best friend is letting her home go to foreclosure due to extenuating circumstances. She had water damage in April and the insurance company is going to pay her out this week on the damage (00). The repairs have not been completed and since she is letting the house go to foreclosure, she is contemplating […]


Committed Prescription Fraud. Should I turn myself in?

I’m such an idiot. Please read the whole thing before commenting. I got off work late last night (dead tired) and my blood pressure was really high. I have just moved to a new town and didn’t know where to go to get a prescription so I wrote myself one. Trying to avoid the emergency […]


My ex husband (we’re separated, divorcing now) essentially stole bill money from me, what can I do?

To start, my ex moved out in the beginning of August, I’d been transferring money for half the bills to his bank account every month. Shortly after he moved out, I found out he hadn’t paid any of the bills for 2 months. We had a meeting with his attorney and he agreed to catch […]


Why do non- resident victims of internet fraud have no rights to justice in Ohio?

A fraudalent ebay seller recently took over ,000, did not ship the purchased items and will not refund the money. And there is plenty of documentation to prove these charges. Yet, Ohio law enforcement officials will do nothing. Absolutely nothing to bring this fraudalent scam artist to justice. It falls upon the victims (2 in […]

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