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I recently was unknowingly lured into an Amway seminar…..what a joke. Evil company?

The lady I met was so nice and friendly, said she’d help get me a job and boom. 25 minutes into the seminar they started talking about the company, instant pyramid scheme in my mind. And I was right, what an evil company! Reading on the web that they donate tens of millions to the […]


Did you know that Jeffrey S. Porter's e-mail about Obama in Afghanistan was a fraud?

An e-mail attacking Barack Obama and widely spread by Republican bloggers and activists has been revealed to be a fraud. These false e-mails are all too common–the Republican Party seems to be relying on these false stories and rumors to defeat Barack Obama. What is uncommon is that this time the perpetrator was caught and […]


With the demise of big labor which supported progress causes in years past, who speaks for the American worker?

The republican party has always existed because of corporate money but the democrats now take as much corporate blood money as do republicans due to lack of an organized base of union worker support. With both parties taking corporate bribes, tea party governors like Rick Scott (Mr. Medicare Fraud), who the hell speaks for the […]


Comrade Obama needs advice to do his job. Do you feel with Clinton's past, it will have a adverse effect? quoting The meeting set for Friday comes as Obama adjusts his tactics to deal with an emboldened Republican Party. The GOP takes control of the House in January. and the mentioned …"past". – The only president ever impeached on grounds of personal malfeasance – Most number of convictions and guilty pleas by friends and […]


Is the allegation of voter registration fraud really just a distraction?

And why does the Republican party keep trying to tie Obama to the organization as it has already been proven that – although he has worked for them previously – they do not advise his campaign and he has passionately stated that he is against voter registration fraud from any source and would support any […]


Who investigates voter registration fraud or errors? Who can I contact?

I have always voted republican however I found out tonight 3 out of 5 people in my family were switched to non-partisan, without our knowledge! Because of this I had to re-register for next time and was only allowed to vote for the democratic party if I wanted but I was not allowed to vote […]


Do you think that child pedophilia and criminal scandals was the downfall of the republican party?

The republican party is riddled with child mollestation, lies, corporate scandals, lies, deception, outing CIA agents, Killing innocent civilians, attacking countries that never attacked you, church rape scandals, election fraud, money laundering ( tom delay), lying at the state of the union speach, etc and the list goes on. Do you think history will remember […]

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