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In legal terms: Can I knowingly do something wrong at work which could potentially do a lot of damage?

As the question suggests, legally speaking, am I allowed to deliberately and knowingly do something wrong at work which could potentially cause the company to lose both money and reputation? Mainly to get back at my boss from hell. This man is literally pure evil. What I’d do would take him down a peg or […]


Why do high-profile people commit fraud and other crimes?

An Oklahoma County judge was charged this week with fraud. She "adopted" twins for foster care and received over ,000 in cash for benefits for 3 years in caring for them and then gave them to her court room bailiffs sister to raise, and never shared any of the money with her either. An Oklahoma […]


Political question about Obama appointee and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt?

Should a man that leads a company involved in accounting fraud be a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board or a class B director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? Since 2001, the company kept its decade-long earnings streak going through manipulations, SEC alleges. General Electric agreed to pay a million fine […]


Which, in your opinion, are the overall most reputable and rate-accessible on-line "Forex Brokers", and why?

In other words: Considering overall reputation, margins offered, fees charged, service features and quality, etc., which on-line Forex Brokers do you regard as the best? … Also: Any tips on how to watch out for on-line Forex frauds and scamming ploys? Thanks!


Has President Obama’s political activities in Chicago been investigated particularly Acorn?

There have been a number of political investigations regarding his birth, religion, etc. which appear to have been fishing expeditions and/or wishful thinking. It is unusual for a young politician to advance so quickly in Chicago without deals with the Daley Machine and other power brokers. There have been rumors, but have there been honest […]


Slander by boss on facebook. Can I sue?

I work for a small rural Town in Virginia. Recently a council member threaten the other members at a council meeting to purchase an item for her department by using the proceeds from a recent profitable event. The other members didn’t have a clue what she was talking about since it was not on the […]


How do you or can you file a complaint against a business?

For their failure to follow through on the payment of wages? Nothing was agreed to in writing but verbally and work was performed. The company is The guy, J. W. Pugh real name Darrell Pugh uses virtual meeting locations, Craig’s list etc to do his recruitment. He has scams running in Florida (St.Petersburg, Miami, […]


How can I convince her we didn’t do it?

My fiance and his ex have a daughter together. My fiance has been cut out of her life since birth and we are currently going through a custody battle to get him his parental rights to establish a relationship with his daughter. His ex is being horrible about it and treating him like crap. He […]

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