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Will child get social security in arrears?

I have a 13 year old child. Her father (who has never been involved in her life) does not pay child support b/c the state determined he has "too many children" (9 total) and only some of them qualified for payments (not my child though, even though she’s the oldest of them). I recently found […]


Should Alexandra Wallace be punished for what she said?

I think she was exercising her freedom of speech when she gave her hateful speech targeting Asians Americans. However, as a UCLA student, and Political science major, how can she say something so hateful and thoughtless? I want to ask her, is it wrong for an Asian students to be family oriented? instead of sending […]


What is BAQ fraud? Can ex husband still collect?

I have a question regarding BAQ(BAS/BAH). When is a service member not eligible to continue receiving BAQ with spouse? We have been separated for 10 years. We became divorced in 2005 and he is still collecting BAQ with spouse. He is an E-9. We have 2 children together he has no visitation. He is stationed […]


Is Social Security one of the biggest frauds in history?

The brainchild of that famous lib, FDR, social security, which was to give people some "security" in their retirement, has turned into a monster. As the baby boomers age and begin to collect benefits, the tax base is declining. It is a program that is designed to implode. Today, some of us, including me, pay […]


how does one report fraud of an individual trying to gain disability thru their employer under false pretenses

I have a family member who works for a very large corporation. she is 47 years old and not close to retirement. she is looking to be able to "qualify" for medical disability so she can spend 6 months a year in a warm climate with her husband who is retired. she has been fabricating […]


Social Security?

I know someone getting Social Security almost 0.00/per moth. She qualifys for SS becuse her Father is disabled & shes going to School. But that’s the problem she’s not going to school right now and still getting the check’s in the mail. I want to report them but don’t know the name of the crime. […]


How can I prove divorce fraud/ money embezzlement?

I was married for over 30 yrs, I went through a divorce and I am sure my ex-husband moved lots of money form our retirement and stocks (hundreds of thousands of dollars) right before the divorce with the help of his new wife whom was his HR Manager. She help him move money form his […]

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