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Credit Card Fraud? Please help!!?

Hello, I have been using for stuff a couple days. I have only purchased 2 items on, which was Hosting plan-1 year for (with 10% off) and domain. I even have the receipt for them. Then one day all my family was at work and at school. I didnt and my parents didnt […]


Is it true that white collar criminals get treated worse than rapist and child molesters?

White collar criminals as in those who specialize in fraud, robbing the country of millions of tax-dollars, etc. They are basically seen as the man who ran the system by the inmates and thus as revenge for locking them up. A friend in my statistics class told me, does it hold any truth? As I […]


Online Fraud in the name of trading?

One of my friend(I am abusing this word if I call him so) got nearly 50000 from me initially saying that he is conducting a trading service and he trades in DOW Jones and will give huge returns.I knew him since 2006 but never had met him.He gave his account number I have transferred the […]


Lawyer Bill is a Fraud….?

Help! I have been involved in litigation with a lawyer who has been suing my mom for a "Bill" she claims I owe her for thousand, back in 2005. I was discharged in 2006. Lawyer then forged my moms name on a bogus guarantee, mom didn’t sign this ridiculous document and has been stating this […]


who do I report anonymously car insurance fraud and make sure I have no repercussions?

I am afraid for revenge….this is a person that has had run-ins with the law….been arrested for assaulting a peace officer…and has assaulted me on numerous occasions….and he is in the military ready to retire…very scary


China scam me and Revenge against China?

On June 26th 2007, I am planning to make business online to get product from china to sell on ebay, I find the website into China and talk with this man to ask if it have product of Sony Laptop so this man says yes and it alone 360$ plus shipping 20$ total is […]


How would one initiate action against a judge or an attorney?

I think I have been a victim of fraud, or conspiracy to commit fraud, while denying me legal assistance, using us to assist others. More than once. The Bar Association did nothing.I believe I saw attorneys to file cash generating lawsuits, who listened, took the information and helped others with it. They then insulted me. […]

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