Where shall I go in Vietnam?

I’m 17 and never travelled without my parents, and I have never travelled to Asia before. So it may be quite a challenge for me! I am there looking for somewhere safe with low crime rates (e.g no scamming, no pickpocketing, no frauds, no robberies, and definitely no murders!). As well as this, I would […]


i did not allow the father of my child to sign his birth certificate, does he have any rights?

the father of my child is a bad guy, not only is he a criminal but he was abusive to me during my pregnancy and a little while afterwards until i left him. he was not at the hospital at the time of my son’s birth, he came about 8 hours after he was born […]


Who is more likely to come forward or testify in court, the young or the old?

I’m trying to find out who or what type of people are more likely to divulge information related to crimes (whether they be murders, robberies, or white collar crimes – such as corporate fraud, etc.) that they have witnessed if they had to testify in open court. Please give a good explanation for your answer […]

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