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Insurance co vs agent & E&O?

What are my next best steps? Refunding me is not the point — I paid for coverage, I was honest. Caught between insurance company, agent w/an ex bf. = headache Now I have serious loss of income, expense and damages and no car. Car pd in full by ME and in my name. Background: I […]


Collection agency calling to collect on an identity theft credit card?

My roommate got called by a collection agency saying she had a credit card with 00 on it that has never been paid on. She never opened the card and doesn’t know how to prove that she has been a victim of identity theft. What can she do?


what does it mean if something says "social security number fraud?"?

My roommate and I are trying to get an apartment but it says our SSN are fraud. They are both correct, we’ve gone over them mulitple times. Neither of us have ever gotten a ticket or been to jail or been held accountable for a crime or anything. What could this possibly mean? nevermind, we […]


Will I need a lawyer?

I used my Roommate’s credit card a few days ago. The store I went to allowed me to use it. I was short on cash and he told me once it would be ok if I needed to use it. Like I said the store allowed me to use it, but my roommate was really […]


Legal Advice on owing money to the collecters?

My roommate needs legal advice I don’t know how to help her, she owes a check cashing store 299. dollars which went to collections and they called saying it went to some Fraud depart and there going to open a case, does that mean she going to get a warrant or arrested or just a […]


Insurance fraud?

I am a new life insurance agent. My roomate, who I worked for before I switched jobs, is a carpenter. One of his customers, who is a lawyer, asked him to write an estimate for removal of a fallen tree and repair of a fence it fell on. The lawyer then told my roommate and […]


Identity Theft?

I have a roommate who is trying to say I stole her identity because she asked me to get a landline in our apartment in her name. Is this seriously ID Theft? We actually talked about it and everything was disconnected and I paid the fees even though she didn’t contribute anything. But she got […]


I have a legal question about a business owner ripping me off?

I bought a computer from a small business in Tuscaloosa, AL. It never really worked right & the business owner was really sketchy, but I dealt with it. Well, after 2 years my computer wouldn’t even turn on so I took it to him & he said he would sell it for me & give […]

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