Can 2 or more people make someone a victim of identity theft?

Lets say 2 or more people stole someone’s SSN. Can they each apply for multiple credit cards and loans, or will the bad credit ruin someone elses chances of applying for those credit cards. Just using that as an example. I know more than one person can steal money from your bank, but can 2 […]


Is it Illegal & Considered "Identity Theft" if someone just temporarily "borrows" another's identity?

Is it considered illegal identity theft if someone, just temporarily borrows another person’s identity with no intention to defraud anyone, or ruin anyone’s credit. For example, if a person with no SSN uses a relatives name and SSN to buy a Prepaid Direct Deposit Cash Card to verify Paypal & so that family/relatives/friends, can easily […]


how do you feel about Nadya Suleman? should child services take her kids?

dont u think she should be charged with fraud. she has a 1.2million hospital fee nd we r paying for it, she gets like 00 month from the government on welfare nd disability money, she has no job, is about to get her MOTHER’S home forclosed nd shes buying expensive makeup. wtf. i feel sorry […]

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