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I recently was unknowingly lured into an Amway seminar…..what a joke. Evil company?

The lady I met was so nice and friendly, said she’d help get me a job and boom. 25 minutes into the seminar they started talking about the company, instant pyramid scheme in my mind. And I was right, what an evil company! Reading on the web that they donate tens of millions to the […]


what happened to our constitutional rights? When will people see whats going on?

Our goverment is taxing us to work, water, and taking over our houses. We are told what color to paint our own houses. We don’t have the right to privacy anymore. People can’t even sit out in front of their houses on the weekend and enjoy the time off from work. How much more constitutional […]


How to reduce fraud marriage?

I have a lot of guy friends (foreigners) who marry American Citizens to get a green card for themselves. Most of the time they stay married till they get their citizenship. I am appalled by the lengths they go to. My friends lie to the women they marry that they love them, buy them nice […]


Suing for fraud of death and emotional distress help?

So, I tried to google but it didn’t really help much. Long story WAY short, my psycho ex-boyfriend faked suicide last friday. Went through hell, his whole family was texting and calling me to the point of harassment making me feel terrible and then he shows up alive. Basically, he’s put me through so much […]


how stiff is the penalty for identity theft?

I have someone using my real name on yahoo answers ,just for the sake of being mischievous. the local police are waiting for a reply from yahoo (24 hours) how much trouble can this lowlife expect? This person just did it to cause problems and is a huge troublemaker and has 5 charges pending to […]


How do I report tax fraud?

So my last landlord was a real douche. He made my life a living hell for 6 months. I have considered reporting him for tax fraud to get back at him for all the horrible things he put me and my family through as well as other neighbors around us. He’s a horrible person and […]


Why do people often cite education as something only government can provide?

Often, I have heard people defend the necessity of government by arguing that government is necessary to provide the "public good" of education. I have actually heard people argue that, unless the government collects taxes to fund a "free" government education system, nobody will be able to get an education. Obviously, this can be disproven […]


Three questions about paternity fraud!?

There are 3 questions -Why is it different from other kind of fraud? -Why do feminists say that its inquiry is not the best for the child’s sake? -If its inquiry were not the best for the child’s sake, who would be responsible for such crime, mom or the false father? Doodlestuff: You are saying […]


should a man when DNA has cleared him of being the biological father, continue to pay child support?

in cases where women have an affair, then give birth to the lovechild of the affair, but not tell their husband, and then one day he finds out about the affair, divorces, get stuck with child support thinking the child was his, has a dna test, and then confirms he is not the father, and […]


Help with School Fraud >.<;?

This is my horror story, I admit I made a vastly horrible mistake in attending this school. I applied there the student admission’s director told me " We are a accredited culinary school." it was my main concern, that whatever school I picked was accredited, well perhaps it was being from a small country town […]


RIghts on seperation ..advice greatly appreciated please.?

My friend has recently split from her partner of 13 years (2 kids) as he was having an affair – one day my friend turned up at her home ( joint mortgage) and found her ex throwing her stuff in a skip and told her to move out. He also said the kids were staying […]


am i immoral for wanting to forgiving the unforgivable sins of my family?

i have several different relatives that have recent broken some massive moral laws such as commiting murder, sexual misconduct with a minor, arsen, and fraud. i know how bad all these are but still my heart weeps for them knowing that for some reason they felt they had to cross those lines. my sister says […]


If a childs mother has a warrant put out for her arrest will the father still be required to pay child support

A supeona was issued on my behalf for the defendant in a child support matter in Memphis, TN. I’m to testify that the mother knew I was the father and still tried to fraud the defendant (alleged childs father) by saying she thought he was the father to gain more suppport before telling him that […]


Perjurers and politics: what bothers you more – what someone lied about or how far they went to lie?

I’m not trying to "score points" for either side. I’m just wondering what people think. Is the subject matter of the lie what’s important? Lying about your golf score, for example, versus lying about a stock fraud scheme that affects thousands? Or is it the lengths one goes to lie? For instance, compare merely claiming […]


Is Farrah Fawcett another victim of medical fraud and scientific chauvinism?

In recent times, there has been a steady loss of famous people due to CANCER. The last time I wrote about this on YAHOO! Answers, it was Jade Goody. When a person is diagnosed with cancer, everyone throws up their hands: "We can’t do anything about this!!!" The person is abandoned into a medical gymnastic […]


How do I got about reporting insurance fraud?

I know someone I work with has been lying to the insurance companies. How do I report it? What would be the steps to take? Actually to be honest it kind of is. It is dental insurance fraud and I can LOOSE my job over it. It's kind of a big deal. It's not about […]

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