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can a loan officer who has a cease and desist order, make a valid request for an appraisel?

I had a person who was interested in buying my house who act like they wanted to buy my house… They wanted to negotiate the price so the loan officer made a request for an appraisel which was extremely low. they loan officer is not to be doing any kind work dealing with loans in […]


Can a mortgage company be charged with abetting someone who has committed fraud and embezzlement against me?

An individual was named trustee to my property and neglected to give me the grant deed as promised.. He proceeded to try a "pump and dump" on my property using a mortgage broker and a unrealistic appraisal. He borrowed excessively against the property and used the funds elsewhere. I subpoenaed the bank and discovered that […]


sister in law is a scam artist…. how could she be using her deceased child's identity?

in a nut shell: my sister in law is a nasty scam artist. She has gotten away with credit card fraud and stilling peoples mail… she only had a years probation. Anyway. She somehow obtained her notary license a few years back. Well, I think she’s up to something. She is using the alias of […]


I have a legal question about a business owner ripping me off?

I bought a computer from a small business in Tuscaloosa, AL. It never really worked right & the business owner was really sketchy, but I dealt with it. Well, after 2 years my computer wouldn’t even turn on so I took it to him & he said he would sell it for me & give […]


How do I report dating scam with use of Yahoo Instant Messenger?

I begin a chat with a guy from a dating service who invited me to chat on IM. Come to find out he is a romance scam artist who is using false pictures and names to romance you, to get you to send him money in Nigeria. I begin a chat with a guy from […]


Can a lawsuit be brought against an Infomercial Owner / where can I find a lawyer to take the case?

Kevin Trudeau is a scam artist, a fleecing fraud junkie, and I want him stopped at any cost. His books are JUNK, and he keeps taking money from my account and MANY other peoples accounts as well. What can we do? I want to find a Lawer who specializes in this kind of lawsuit.. And […]


How do you or can you file a complaint against a business?

For their failure to follow through on the payment of wages? Nothing was agreed to in writing but verbally and work was performed. The company is The guy, J. W. Pugh real name Darrell Pugh uses virtual meeting locations, Craig’s list etc to do his recruitment. He has scams running in Florida (St.Petersburg, Miami, […]


Is identity theft or info gathering for theft, occurring within the Yahoo Instant Messenger Community?

Specifically talking about a hacker/scam-artist that would be so bold as to communicate with you for a period of time, in order to gather as much info about you as they can. Perhaps gathering information and selling it to an actual hacker or group of identity theft criminals.


Why do non- resident victims of internet fraud have no rights to justice in Ohio?

A fraudalent ebay seller recently took over ,000, did not ship the purchased items and will not refund the money. And there is plenty of documentation to prove these charges. Yet, Ohio law enforcement officials will do nothing. Absolutely nothing to bring this fraudalent scam artist to justice. It falls upon the victims (2 in […]

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