Why do scammers or identity theft thieves always immediately try to get you to contact them via their yahoo em?

Why do scammers and identity thieves always ask you right away to start communicating with them via their yahoo email account as opposed to just messaging back and forth on the dating site?


Do I really need a lawyer to get rid of a squatter in California?

in 2005 my parents bought a house in Palmdale, CA.; Assuming that since the real estate company we went to was owned by a cousin of ours and since my sister was working with the company at the time, I have little knowledge of the transaction that was made to buy the house. From what […]


Milwaukee found $45 million in FRAUD for a $350 million welfare program, do you think this is typical?

http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/watchdogreports/94609219.html The state’s crackdown on fraudulent child-care providers is expected to save taxpayers  million this year alone, according to a new analysis by regulators. Officials say the saving comes from cutting funding to more than 170 providers suspected of cheating the program; deterring scammers from entering the system on the front end; and stepped-up efforts […]

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