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How can a minor (under 18) view their credit/job history?

I recently recieved mail that claimed that I owed over 00 in medical bills from a company in Arizona…I have NEVER in my life even been remotely been close to Arizona. I believe there may some sort of fraud of occuring and I would like to see my credit report. However, I am not yet […]


How does a persoon prove identity theft?

What does a person have to prove when filing identity theft against an ex boyfriend or girlfriend when the case is presented to the judge. If the information was given to you and you have. Documents. That the person was well aware that ran their credit.never received anything cuz their score was too low just […]


What are the pros and cons of signing up for a credit monitoring program?

I was considering signing up for a credit monitoring program thru Transunion ~ are there any downfalls to this? The reason I was considering is because I am rebuilding my credit and want to monitor my progress (I want to recieve my credit report and score more than the free once a year) Any experiences […]


Credit Monitoring?

I currently use True Credit but after looking at my score compared to another program it was 80 points lower!! Does anyone know a good 3 credit report monitoring where I can access all 3 reports and get all 3 scores for a good monthly price?


Is a Parent fit if he/she involves a child in fraud?

Scenario – child applying for financial aid with assistance from one parent. All financial information pertaining to the family is supposed to be included. The parent purposely hides information and the child is aware of what has been omitted and knows it should be included. This causes a calculation of the expected family contribution score […]

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