Can I report fraud to an auto insurance company?

So this person I work with keeps on bragging on how she told her auto insurance company she drives her car for 7500 miles per year, but she usually goes 8000! She also says she told them it’s all for personal use, but I don’t buy it. It’s not fair. Us honest drivers have to […]


benefit fraud what happens?

my ex partner left me and my daughter 3mths ago he has not given me a penny for his child he left me with thousands of debt hes said he wont help hes scum he has moved into private rented 3bedroom house with the hussy they bothclaiming housing benefit and jsa he also working on […]


What do i call to report benefit fraud?

Ok, as you read this, you may get the impression that i truly and deeply detest my father. Thing is, i do. Anyways, my father has done nothing but cause misery to my family, and it’s about time he stopped. Him being the lazy, layabout piece of scum he is, cannot be bothered to get […]

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