im a victim of check fraud what can i do?

i recieved a check from company for secret shopper opportunity. The check was for 4,995.00, the money split up into different places one a money gram, a selection of stores, and 300.00 to me for doing the task. i thought it was a little fishy so i googled it and websites checked out okay. i […]


An idea on cutting heath care fraud?

I was reading an article about Mystery Shopper on when i came across this: "In June 2008, the The American Medical Association’s Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs released a recommendation on the use of "secret shopper patients" in the Medical / Healthcare. The Recommendation: "Physicians have an ethical responsibility to engage in activities […]


anyone else been a victim of shadow shopper???

my sister needs help with a legal problem. she signed up with a company called shadow shopper agency. they sent her a cashiers check for 00 to do assignments with and 0 of which was hers for doing the secret shopper assignments. she checked the company out online and they seemed legit and the bank […]

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