Political question about Obama appointee and GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt?

Should a man that leads a company involved in accounting fraud be a member of Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board or a class B director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York? Since 2001, the company kept its decade-long earnings streak going through manipulations, SEC alleges. General Electric agreed to pay a million fine […]


I honestly never thought of this before; where has all the money gone that was lost from Enron?

"Someone, somewhere profitted…aren’t they accountable?.."Prestwood was a blue-collar Enron employee, working to keep gas flowing through its pipelines. “I had all of my stocks in Enron, but we were advised not to diversify,” he said at the news conference. When he asked Enron officials and their financial advisors about the stock, he said the answer […]


investment fraud question?

Ok…someone please tell me if this is legal…I made an investment in a company about 7 months ago. Now they are sending letters to about 65 of the investors saying that they messed up and didn’t register with the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission as a "private corporation". This means they have too many investors […]

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