is this something to worry about?

my landlord hired a realestate broker to find tenants for her (us), she later fired him, later when I went to him to get some paper work to prove that we had use of certain amenities that she was now denying us access to, he confessed to me that she told him to take our […]


did my landlord commit fraud by continuing to collect rent and court order says that property is foreclosed?

im renting this house with 1year lease in california from sep2009 till sep2010. in dec2010, i kept receiving notice NOT to pay rent to landlord and that they are giving me 6mos to act. but, my mothly rent is paid till sep2010. immediately confronted the landlord and told me not to worry about any notice […]


Can you take an ex back to court after the child is grown if he backs out of helping with college?

My ex never agreed in writing to help with college but he had said he would. Through the years I never pushed for all the child support I could get because I thought he would help with college. He paid her room deposit, took her to register and then the very next day said he […]

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