Is it just possible that the citizens of the USA have nothing left to be proud of, but are proud anyway?

Corruption on the scale of Mexico Corporate Kleptocracy condoned by the state Mayors stealing 0,000 a year Brutal cops and security guards Fixed elections and fraud everywhere Agree to Disagree


retail fraud in the 3rd degree what consequences to expect?

me an a friend left family fare with 3 DVDs an no one saw us, but we started to run after we realized we gonna miss the school bus so loss prevention apparently started to chase us we put the DVDs down aways from the store an went back to school an caught the bus…the […]


Is Crime necessary for the success of capitalism and why?

It is said that crime does not pay, but this is only true for the individuals caught committing crime. Crime reduces the price of goods when the goods are stolen. Bankers and CEO’s benefit when they steal from and defraud investors. Pyramid scams make others millions. Smuggling, prostitution and drugs have built banks, communities and […]

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