Ok this is a question about Taylor Bean and Whitaker and possible fraud.?

We had a refinanced home loan from Taylor Bean and Whitaker. We refinanced to get a fixed rate. Seven months later they rose our payment 0 because they said there was a shortage in our escrow. We abandoned the house and let it forclose. Now they are after us. We have since found out that […]


Since Obama & the Dumbocrats can NOT WIN LEGALLY in Georgia Obama has opened the door for REGISTRATION FRAUD?

Now, Holder and the DOJ are opening the voter fraud floodgates in Georgia. The Georgia secretary of state explains: Obama Justice Department Decision Will Allow Non-Citizens to Register to Vote in Georgia Decision Bars Georgia From Continuing Voter Verification Process Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel issued the following statement following the U.S. Department of […]


I am a disabled person and applied to Vocational Rehabilitation. I was examined by a medical doctor who claim

He claimed that I had a healed fracture in my shoulder. Seven months later I had an operation on that fracture. The Ortho Surgeon was unable to save the fractured bone and had to remove it. He wrote to VR that the fracture was healed. Is that referred as false representation or fraud? Please help […]

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