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100 dollar gift card + a year free magazine scam?

I ordered Idol Lash from online on 07/28/11. The next day, a lady called me from the number 612-216-0597 and said thank you for your online order of Idol Lash. She said she is going to send me a free 15 day trial of some sample. I forgot what that sample is, but it relates […]


Why is paternity fraud STILL legal? It has been 100% "ok" (and even encouraged) for over a decade now. How is it not a blatant miscarriage of justice and an abuse of ethics? What could possibly be in the souls of those who argue paternity fraud can be a ‘good’ thing and should be practiced in ANY way shape or […]


Is spending Social Security disability benefits on illegal drugs fraud?

I know a mother/son team who both draw social security disability. They spend the majority of it on marijuana (living in a state that does not recognize medical marijuana in any way shape or form). Recently they have begun using disability money to buy large quantities and sell. My question is, is this purely a […]


Tax Fraud Punishment and Ways to Report?

So, sticky situation that involves a couple I know. I swear it’s not me, so no lectures please. Here it goes: Couple is divorcing. Wife moved out and lives at her parents and she is unemployed. Husband kept house and works full time. They both agreed to file jointly and claim their 2 full time […]

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