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Do you think Brian Rosen of Weil Gotshal Manges should be charged with bankruptcy fraud in the WAMU bankruptcy?

Here are details: 187. This is not a picture of a Debtor who assiduously discharged its responsibilities as fiduciaries for all interested parties, shareholders as well as creditors. It is a sorry story of a bankruptcy run in secret, with the knowledge and complicity of the Debtors, for the benefit of a favored few, […]


What did Douglas McCollam mean in the article "You can't sue the bean counters"? The article said that the US Supreme Court rejected the legal theory of "scheme liability" that held shareholders should be able to sue company advisors in corporate fraud cases as secondary actors. Why did the bankers, accountants, and lawyers get off easy? Personally I think the ruling was inconclusive. What are secondary actors? Don’t […]


Class Action lawsuit against a company I Invested in?

I’m invested in a company that has a Class Action lawsuit against it. The company’s stock trades at less than ½ cash. Cash = 11 Mill, lets say other assets are worth 11 Mill more. Shares lost over 250M in market cap due to fraud charges Insiders personally sold 20% of the company to very […]


What's the best way to organize a shareholder lawsuit?

I recently lost some money in the Anthracite Capital fiasco, that company run by BlackRock that recently went belly-up. I’ve been trying to get the other shareholders together so we can hire a lawyer and get some sort of legal defense. We’re not actually necessarily looking to sue, it all depends on whether we have […]


If the U.S was a major corporation, would it's stocks be up or down?

Considering Bush and Cheney are the CEO’s and are running the corporation. And, the Corporation has huge amount of rising debt in relationship to the amount of revenues it is taking in. All of this and considering the fact that the overall stock market is being driven up by the world markets as opposed to […]

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