Should I contact an attorney, or just drop it?

I won an auction for a book off of ebay several weeks ago. The book was an international textbook, but I was told that it was in English. I now know that the book shipped out of Malaysia. DHL took care of the shipping of the item. The DHL driver tried to drop the package […]


Is a fraud? Cuz i bot Jordan Dub Zero. Plz anser.?

I bought a pair of Jordan Dub Zeros and today when I looked at shipping It said that they were out of stock and to choose a new pair. Please tell me if they are a fraud.


Question concerning credit card dispute against my business?

Sorry if this is too much info. Just wanted to be sure that I cover everything. During the fall and winter I run an online children’s boutique. We specialize in higher end children’s items and mostly pettiskirts. I was contacted in January by someone wanting to place a 0 order for skirts going from the […]

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