My Boss is Committing Insurance Fraud?

I have been working for a private investigation company for almost a year. A short time ago I discovered that my employer is billing the insurance companies for hours that we (the investigators) are not on surveillance. The reports that they send will state the time of our arrival, departure and activity etc. My concern […]


Ex owes 20,000 in child support will ssi erase his arrears?

My ex husband is filing for ssi or ssdi, im not sure which one, i understand his current support will no longer exsist while he is on and that I will get a portion for kids. My question is what happens to the 20,000 he owes in arrears. He is only filing ssi(pretending to be […]


how can i dispute a fraud verizon cable bill opened by a family member?

a family member opened up a verizon fios cable, phone, and internet under my name, and never paid it. she did this while i was staying with her for a short time. i never signed for anything nor spoke to anyone about it. and im not paying them 900 dollars for service i didnt even […]

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