Identity theft – Bulk document shredding?

For my household accounts (medical, banking statements, etc.), I keep a file of the most recent stuff. Every few years, I clean out the file cabinet, and place the old stuff in a box and label it with the latest date of the contents. The problem is, I have a closet full of boxes of […]


How many times do you tear in half junkmail credit card applications to protect yourself from identity theft?

Assume you have some junkmail you wish to dispose of which has you name and address printed on it but you don’t have a shredder available. If it was an A4 size application form, how many times would your tear it in two before putting it in the bin?


Prepaid credit card gift cards and Identity theft question?

You know those prepaid credit card gift cards you see in walgreens and what not? Is it possible for identity theft to occur because I throw a lot of those cards out in my trash can. They are registered so they have my name, address, phone number, city, zip code and card number. If identity […]

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