Can liberals be trusted or even?

Can Americans be trusted anymore??? I hope gm fails again, because I am short k of that stock, plus those workers are overpaid. Are congress approval rating is at a historical low. America and the euro zone is bankrupt, yet we both are being propped up on printed money. SOROS Made billions from cheating, while […]


Is Crime necessary for the success of capitalism and why?

It is said that crime does not pay, but this is only true for the individuals caught committing crime. Crime reduces the price of goods when the goods are stolen. Bankers and CEO’s benefit when they steal from and defraud investors. Pyramid scams make others millions. Smuggling, prostitution and drugs have built banks, communities and […]


Someone told me 401k's are a Fraud, is this true?

Someone told me 401k’s are a fraud because by the time you cash out taxes will sky rocket because so many people are retiring and social security is broke from govt borrowing most of the funds assets and so many Govt pensions are in the red. I also heard there are so many fee’s the […]

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