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Pat Robertson fraud with diamonds, the dictator, and planes for the poor!?

As widely reported across the internet a few years ago what do you think about Pat Robertson and the Zaire Dictator Mobutu Seko(a murderous thug) diamond connection? Pat Robertson began begging for donations for 3 new planes to benefit Operation Blessing in 1994 for humanitarian assistance in Africa. Specifically to remove refugees and provide medical […]


Is Crime necessary for the success of capitalism and why?

It is said that crime does not pay, but this is only true for the individuals caught committing crime. Crime reduces the price of goods when the goods are stolen. Bankers and CEO’s benefit when they steal from and defraud investors. Pyramid scams make others millions. Smuggling, prostitution and drugs have built banks, communities and […]


What penalty should be prescribed for Identity theft?

Should it be harsh or a slap on the wrist? Remember how it can destroy peoples lives. I am very interested in what you guys have to say! Also please state why with your answer.


Paternity fraud question…edited?

My husband is the victim of paternity fraud. his ex lied to him about being her child’s father to obtain child support. how does it turn out (court cases) for both the victim and the mother who committed it? will my husband still have to pay child support for a child who DNA testing proved […]


Legal question about fraud…?

I just found out that my sister took the title of my vehicle and signed my name to put the car into her name. This probably happened about a year ago without my consent. I let her drive the car for a while, but now she has the title to her name. Isn't this a […]

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