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Check under someone else’s name…fraud?

I’ve decided to write another question in order to explain myself better… Okay, here’s the situation: My cousin is running this small business at home, but he needs more money. He calls me one day and asks if he could put my name and address on a check. Please note that this check (amount: 9950 […]


TARP cost is now estimated $30 Billion Obama stimulus $700 billion what's better?

Lets see Stock market bottomed out at 6500 and was around 8800 when obama took office. Since then it’s been stuck at 10 thousand and has had very unstable data. Even with is 0 billion stimulus spending (that doesn’t include the additional 120-150 billion he spent bailing out GM Chrysler and Teachers jobs for 1 […]


DUNS # and verification? Validity of DUNS #’s?

So I found a job on The employer gave me a # after a couple of e-mails discussing the validity of his business. I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a scam or fraud since it was a work at home job over the internet that required access to the internet and a telephone. […]


Help with financial fraud!?

My mother’s half sister is married with two children. She is a schoolteacher, and her husband is a driver. Besides their regular jobs, they rent a farm and work really hard on it. Recently, my aunt worked for her school’s principal (besides being a school principal, he had a small business). To employ her legally, […]


Is reporting extra income on taxes social security fraud?

I have a small business and have generated some income this year but not as much as I wanted. is Reporting extra income earned this year to increase my future social security benefits fraud? But what if I accidentally inflate my income? If you are over on your taxes it is fraud? If you are […]


Should I report possible fraud?

Someone I know may be commiting fraud and not reporting all her income to the agencies. This woman "Joan" was a partner in a small business, but nothing was in her name so she received cash under the table. The business fell through within months. Then she got another job on payroll until she had […]


How can I protect me, my family and my business from a persistent federal fraud criminal on probation?

My family and I run a small business in the entertainment industry. We do business with a major network station and a few years ago we hired a guy who is still working as the main median/agent for us with our client. We shockingly discovered this guy went to prison for fraud for one year […]


I have a legal question about a business owner ripping me off?

I bought a computer from a small business in Tuscaloosa, AL. It never really worked right & the business owner was really sketchy, but I dealt with it. Well, after 2 years my computer wouldn’t even turn on so I took it to him & he said he would sell it for me & give […]

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