Credit Card Fraud question.?

My child’s father used our son’s soc sec number to get a credit card. Who should I tell & what will happen to my son’s father?


Obama has done (and still is doing) social security fraud!?

This is "What Obama doesn’t want you to see" it’s pretty long, running 9:50, yet very informing – i you get tired of watching it, fast forward to the end – it mentions Obama doing social security fraud. Here’s an important one about Robert Gibbs, who is the White House Press Secretary. He’s the […]


is any of this Fraud?

I was just wondering if its Fraud to the state if a person that was married has two kids the age of five and six month. She went threw the whole divorce and was to collect child support, but she stopped it some how (after the divorce was done she was living with her ex-for […]

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