Who else thinks its cute that rich republicans, who inherited their wealth, are calling Soc.Security a fraud?

Tea-Partyists and Far-righters, are now referring to the Social Security system, to which I’ve paid into, as have most other Middle Class members,or 50 years, a "Ponzi Scheme". Isn’t it clear yet, that wealthy Far-right Conservatives have NO respect for the Middle Class? The only thing they are conserving, is their family’s inheritance!


Why is congress wanting to sign a SS treaty with Mexico giving 12 million illegals SS benefits dispite fraud ?

What’s happening could have enormous implications for all Social Security beneficiaries. Some members of Congress want to pass an illegal immigrant amnesty plan before the 2008 elections. They’re even planning to sign a Social Security treaty with Mexico that would award Social Security benefits to as many as 12 million illegal immigrants who have used […]

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