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Exwife changed childrens name without my consent and lied to court about my address.?

I left my ex wife in November of 2009. I changed my address with the postal service and everything around the same time. due to a bit of mental issues and drugs she has issues. I have recently found out that she went to a different county in Kentucky and changed there last names to […]


Is it fraud if someone purposefully used your mailing address as their own without permission?

The person who did this gave our family trouble before, two years ago he wanted to go out with sister, she said no, so he phoned social services on her and said she was a bad mother… Long story, but yeah, there’s some bad blood between us. Today, some of his mail, possibly containing a […]


Fraud? Long Story…?

My fiance and I don’t really live together. We did off and on, but not a steady move in per say.. Ok. She was previously married and her Ex-Husband had a past due electric bill of which she was an authorized user. She could not get service in her name so I put it into […]


Is there anything we can do to get the money back from the state?

My husband has sent his ex more than the required amount of child support every month since they separated. But, to get more money, she signed the kids up for welfare and told them he has never paid support. The boys are living with us and have been with us 70% of the time in […]


FRAUD: Report made to social services in my husbands name, tearing a family apart?

6 months ago my husbands uncle died of alcoholism and left alot of drama in the family. With alot of relationships torn and hurt feeling people did some cruel things to eachother. Someone made a fake report to social services in my husbands name. His aunt knew about a report, but yesterday apparently she saw […]


Id like to turn someone in for disablitly fraud. How do I find the right social service department to listen?

There is a woman I have known for about 8 years now.She is claiming disabilty,and fakes it up real good for everyone, including the doctors. In reality, there is nothing wrong with her (except an obvious mental problem).She is scamming the social services,as well as medicare and any other agency she can get help from.She […]


Is social security fraud a misdemeanor or a felony in Virginia?

I had social security benefits because I did not tell social services about one of my jobs, but the job was on the call, and I only got a couple of hours a month. The fraud officer scared me really badly and told me I would go to jail, can anyone please let me know […]

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