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How to battle my little brothers Opiate addiction that's tearing our family apart? (very long im sorry)?

We are a very close family and this is tearing my family apart, more so my mothers marriage. I don’t know what options we have. My baby brother is 21 years old. He lives with my mom a few miles from me. He pays no rent, no utilities. He pays car insurance and his cell […]


I Need Legal Advice on What to do? Has to do with car accident! Help!!?

Hello, last Saturday, February 5th, I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I am 16 years old, have my full license, and never had a wreck for c. 2 years of driving. I never had a speeding ticket, never ran a red light, never hit anyones car. On Saturday, my three friends and I […]


Pay-day loans gone delinquent? Will they issue a warrant? ?

I am NOT proud of this…but it happened. I fell into hard times a few months ago, almost ended up homeless, and had to take out 3 seperate pay-day loans for a total of ,600.00 combined. I was doing great there for awhile, paying the roll-over fees every two weeks, but it got to the […]


Legal advice about check fraud?

My ex fiance (who I have a 2 month old child with) is trying to pin me with a felony and I need some advice. Here is my story. Back in March when we broke up I found out that he had stolen my checkbook from me and wrote out a bunch of stolen checks, […]

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