Am I overworrying about identity theft?

I typed my SSN in my fafsa about 8 months ago on a computer with a lot of malware/spyware. Now I’m scared that there may be hundreds of people with my SSN and they are all going to steal my identity. I already got my credit report and will get another one about 4 months […]


If I want to order stuff online via credit card or check without a firewall, am I asking for identity theft?

…Even though I have no viruses or detected spyware and everything else is good. If so, is my local library’s computer a safe computer to do the transactions on?


In my yahoo group I have3 received several phishing emails, Is the person who it is attached to the sender?

I do not believe she is, but both times they were from her, Also for some reason I decided to try another super spy free download. and despite the fact that I have norton 2006 with all updates. the free download found 252 malware, spyware and 2 viruses. I could not believe it. Does anyone […]

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