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how do i report tax fraud led by one illegal immigrant?

ok. this guy i have known for about 4 years, he has been working on his papers to remain in this country but was here illegally for 10 years, all the years he has been here he has harboured illegal immigrants , all the time about 6 would live with him in every apt he […]


Please help, I have an question to ask about background check at bakery?

Last Wednesday i got interview with manager for food line at meijers retail/grocery store for bakery position…the interview went really wonderful and easily quickly questioned me. I answered pretty lot. He told me please to sign the paper for background check i gave the permission so he said after background check in 24 hours to […]


social security (possible fraud) question?

hi, my friend is 17, and her wallet was stolen a few years back with her ss card. she is now afraid that people have used her #, but not sure what to do. we told her to go to the ss office and get a credit report. but what if someone had used her […]


if somebody give u there information to get a id is that identity theft?

ok my friend had a girl give her her ss card to get a id and she know the girl is that identity theft

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