WHISTLE BLOWING against a medical practice by hospitals that switch patient prescriptions to…?

…make profits… for themselves and the drug companies… a doctor at Memorial Hospital in New Orleans… discovered that when he wrote RX’s for Zantec the hospital was changing the RX’s to Pepcid… he inquired as to why.. the hospital called it "THERAPUTIC INTERCHANGE"…some of the doses were so high… some patients became very ill and […]


Why does Obama claim that the public option will reduce insurance fraud?

Most insurance companies are private companies. They have a real interest in avoiding fraud because it undercuts profits. If there are frauds perpetrated on a private company who has a stake in preventing it how much more will it happen in a public policy. Nobody owns government money. There is usually very little oversight in […]


Need advice on what to do bout brother who has conned elderly mother into leaving him all her money?

My 42yr old brother-in-law has been a serious drug addict (everything from heroin to over-the-counter drugs) since he was 10yrs old and has spent a number of years in jail for all sorts of crimes, but mainly drugs, theft, fraud and extortion. Altho he is brain-damaged from the drugs he is still very cunning when […]

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