Two different state funded insurance providers for a child in a joint custody situation?

Recently, the father of our son moved away out of state. Our child was covered under my state’s funded insurance, but under his father’s address. The father canceled my son’s insurance to put him on the other state’s insurance without consulting me first. Now I am worried that I cannot put my son on the […]


Is it legal for someone receiving insurance through a major provider to receive Medicaid, too?

My stepdaughter is covered on my insurance, which is a major carrier. However, there are copays, which her birth mother does not want to pay (she chooses not to work). So she applied for, and received, Medicaid and another type of state insurance on my stepdaughter. Now my stepdaughter is covered by a major carrier […]


How can I find an ethics mal practice attorney?

Does such an attorney exist? When a medical facility commits insurance fraud, who should the victims repport it to and how can they can compensation for lost benefits directly related to a doctors actions. Ronimg: What is a complete? How do I look up my state insurance board?

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