Claims have surfaced on the Internet that governor Rick Scott of Florida paid off a considerable portion of?

his legal fees after his indictment and prosecution for the largest Medicaid fraud case in history, and paid for his campaign to be elected governor of Florida through the illegal distribution of prescription drugs like Vicodin and Oxycontin. Why hasn’t Governor Scott done the honorable thing and stepped forward and said "Go ahead, investigate me. […]


i got a job offer from BECHTEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY UK is it a fraud or scam?

Attention : , We refer to your earlier forwarded application with our recruitment agent(, for job engagement with relations to the vacancies in BECHTEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY UK. Note: There is no more vacant in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (BECHTEL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY) we only have vacant here in UK (Bechtel Construction Company UK)as one […]

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