What should my friend sue for (She is a victim of fraud)?

My friend got into a car accident. Her car was sliding on ice at 1km an hour when she hit, more like tapped, a pedestrian. The pedestrian waited until the last week before the statute of limitation expired (2 years) to sue her for ,000. According to his medical records, what he sustained in the […]


Can I sue lender in federal court?

Hi Lender (countrywide) foreclosed my house 08/05/2008(Virginia). In 12/01/2008 I filed a lawsuit against lender, mortgage broker for fraud, forgery, negligent etc (County circuit court). Had a hearing in 03/02/2009. Whatever reason(my lawyer was weak), judge dismissed my case and my lawyer promised me that he will appeal. I asked him about appeal in May, […]


Bankruptcy fraud?

I will try to make it as simple as I can. This is a serious question concerning a real person and I will supply all the information she gave me:She applied for bankruptcy about 7 years ago. About a year or two after applying the case was first dismissed and then closed. Since I know […]

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