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My fiance's brother steals from the family?

hello yahoo users My fiance found out on tuesday that his older brother (23) was stealing money from his account. He stole almost two thousand dollars(not all at once) and he wants to put him in jail. There mother who is getting gastric bypass surgery next week pleaded with him not to put his brother […]


Wouldn't it have been better for the Obamacare Police to have looked the other way and not arrested the?

doctors for Medicare Fraud? After all, they were just taking money out of a corrupt government run system and putting it back in the hands of the public where it belongs. And they were stealing money that had already been stolen from the tax payer. That 1.5 Billion they allegedly stole was being plowed back […]


Navy husband committing military fraud?

My husband is in the Navy and since he left for boot camp back in May he has never sent me a dime to support our two children who are 2 years and 4 months old. He has pocketed our moving money that was a couple thousand, he has pocketed 1,300 for housing allowance while […]


Fraud. Family. Is this terrible of me?

sooo, i’ll try make this short. ever since even my first job at 16 my mother has been stealing money from me. She also asked my boyfriend if she could borrow some money after we were only dating for a week(i didnt know she’d asked but he said yes being all nice) she never gave […]


What can I do to protect myself against legal actions my ex boyfriend is threatening me with?

Here is the background for my question. My ex boyfriend has accused me of stealing money from him, and says that I now owe him 0. This all started back in October. The stress he has caused me has put me in the hospital, where I still am 3 months later, because he continues to […]


Why don women who commit paternity fraud get rewarded with money rather than go to jail for fraud?

When women lie about who the father of a child is to extract child support, the man has a short period to challenge her claim or he will be forced to pay child support until the child is 18, even if DNA evidence proves he is not the father. But aren’t these woman committing fraud […]

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