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I think Dr BD Wong in law and order SVU is hypocritical and closed minded in the episode hardwired?

This episode opened my mind. I believe they should have the Freedom of expressing themselves and I support Jack McClellan for being honest. I know it is fiction,but that’s how a lot of psychologist and psychiatrist think they are the know it all. He said "pseudo-science like this insults my intelligence as a psychiatrist and […]


Do you think this is insurance fraud, or even legal???

I carry medical, dental, vision, all coverage 100% insurance for my daughter, who is 11 years old. She lives with her mom and step dad who is very controlling and they keep everything about her from me. For the past 2 years the step dad has carried medical, dental vison on her without my knwledge. […]


I-485 pending for 8 years now. Her lawyer was arrested for allegedly participating in marriage fraud?

In 2003 she married a US citizen and filed I-485 and I-130 for her 2 children who were in her home country. Year 2005, I-130 for her children was approved but her I-485 petition is still pending (for 8 years now). The only benefit she gets is a work authorization. In 2007, I-485 was filed […]


I know someone is committing benefit fraud. Should I call crime stoppers?

The person is my mum and she is married to my step-dad and she told the housing executive that she is a single parent but they are together and he lives in the house. I think she told the child tax credits the same. I know crime stoppers has an anonymous policy but I have […]


About how much jail time would you get for tax fraud?

Okay, so my bio mom, and step father are getting a divorce. Before they decided that was going to happen, my mom felt the need to see her family in California. We live in Missouri with my step father, and all of his family, so it’s kind of difficult. After she left, over the phone […]


How do you get child support from dead beat parents in Iowa?

I live in Iowa and my cousin dumped her son on us. We are financially stable as far as our family however I did not anticipate having another teen in the house which will put a hardship on us if we treat him like one of our own. His mother has 3 kids–3 different dads– […]


identity theft?

when i was 19 my step dad put a house lease in my name and had me sign contracts (even though i was unemployed and couldnt qualify on income) because his credit is/was terrible. i moved out of state and when i came back to get an apt on my own which i was declined […]

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