Who exactly do I contact to cease child support If the custodial mother has committed fraud?

My stepdaughter was neglected by her mom at the age of 15 and our daughter left state with a guy a lot older than she. We were not told of this and when we asked the mother, she always said she didn’t know where the daughter was. We thought she was keeping her with family, […]


Is it legal for someone receiving insurance through a major provider to receive Medicaid, too?

My stepdaughter is covered on my insurance, which is a major carrier. However, there are copays, which her birth mother does not want to pay (she chooses not to work). So she applied for, and received, Medicaid and another type of state insurance on my stepdaughter. Now my stepdaughter is covered by a major carrier […]


How can I make a lawyer turn over his records of my late wife's will?

My step daughter has gone insane after her mothers death. The both of us were named as executors of the will. She STOLE my copy of the most recent will,and I filed a report with the sheriff. The sheriff told me that "if" a copy of the other will could be produced,then charges could be […]

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