is it safe or is it a fraud pay online in this website?

Hello everyone I wanted to buy on this site because I need an old book for a movie I’m doing. This is the site: According to you is a secure payment? tell me everything Thank you.


What do you do when cyber harassment turns into libel and defamation of character?

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not a minor, because I know cyber-bullying laws are slightly different in their case. I am an adult, and I run a professional website where I display my artwork. For the past year, I have been harassed by a very obsessive individual, who was first madly […]


Fraud in online get-rich-quick scams?

What’s the deal with all these online sites that are selling packages on how to get rich online but they’re using fake pictures? Like they’ll use stock photos and say it’s "Mark Warren’s" package when the picture of Mark Warren is from a royalty-free photo site. Isn’t that fraud? I mean I know you can […]

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